GMSI Online Registration Form

Registration deadline for chamber music elective is April 1, 2019.

Registration deadline for all other student programs is May 1st, 2019, or else you will be charged a $50 late fee!

This registration form is for all student programs. Please fill in all relevant information in the form below.

Before you register, you will need to gather the following information:

  • your child's teacher's phone number and email address

  • your child's current Suzuki volume

  • your child's current Suzuki piece

  • if your child reads music, the composer and name of his/her most recent reading piece

  • if your child is signing up for chamber music or piano duets, the composer and name of his/her most recent ensemble piece

  • Your child's electives preferences (please check with your child on this as the day is long and balance is key; what a parent might like is not always the same as what might most serve the child's energy & enthusiasm levels!!!)

All tuition payments are made by credit card using the Paypal website. To complete your registration, you will be paying tuition in full.


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Adult Accompanying Student
Adult Accompanying Student
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Phone number
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Student Information
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
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Teacher's Name
Teacher's Name
Elective Choices
Electives with Additional Fees:
Meets daily from Monday to Thursday for one hour while your child is in an elective that does not require parents beyond dropping your children off and picking them up. Please write the name of parent who will attend the class here:
Must Apply by April 1st Suzuki Vols. 4 and up
(Piano Suzuki Vol 2 and up. must register by May 1)
(Piano Suzuki Vols. 4 and up)
(of secondary instrument)
(of secondary instrument)
Teacher's Name
Teacher's Name
(of secondary instrument)
If you check this box and enroll for the GMSI 2019 Teen Program, separate information and additional elective choices will be sent to you!
Electives without additional fees:
Please rank as many electives as you can, with "1" being the elective your child would like the most.
(Strings and Flute Suzuki Vols. 1 and 2, some music reading required)
(Strings and Flute Suzuki Vols. 3 and 4)
(Suzuki Vols. 3 and up)
(LATE Book 1 & Book 2 violin)
(Later Book 2 and up)
(Late Book 4 and up, for students with quite a bit of fiddle experience)
(All Ages)
(Ages 8 and up)
(all ages)
(all ages)
(All Ages)
Each registered child at GMSI will receive a free cotton Green Mountain Suzuki Institute 2018 T-shirt. Please specify the size.
(If needed, please select this option on the primary tuition payment on next page)

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