2020 Classes

Green Mountain Suzuki Institute has a unique offering of classes for our students who range in age from 4 to adult.

Each student at the institute will be scheduled for a master class and a group lesson. In addition, each student will be scheduled for up to three electives classes daily. There are a wide range of electives to choose from, as you can see below. You may also choose to have one of your electives periods reserved for practicing.


Master Classes - Piano, Flute, Violin, Viola, or Cello
A mini-private lesson with two other students working at a similar level, with one of our piano, flute, or strings faculty. Each student works daily on a polished piece, and observes the other students daily, all learning from each other's lessons.

Group Lessons for Piano
Music theory, performance, and lots of group fun with one of our piano faculty. 

Group Lessons for Flutes, String
Ensemble playing with other flute or string players based on the Suzuki repertoire. 


** Indicates additional fee.

Two levels of orchestra are offered. Orchestra 1 offers ensemble playing experience for Suzuki Volumes 1 and 2 string and flute students. Orchestra 2 is for students in Volumes 3 and 4. Music will be sent out prior to the institute. 

Chamber Music**
Students will be grouped with at least one (duo) and sometimes up to four (quintet) other students and an instrument coach. Music will be sent to the student's home teacher by May 15 and must be extremely well prepared in advance, in order to be able to devote coachings at GMSI entirely to ensemble work. This class is open to students in Suzuki Volumes 4 and up, with a few exceptions for advanced Book 3 pianists with the home teacher's recommendation. Students must have good music reading skills and strong tone and independence for the ability to play one's part on their own, surrounded by others playing different parts. All ensemble groups will perform at our final concert on Friday. Chamber music elective registration deadline is April 1.

Piano for 4 Hands
This year all piano students in Book 2 and up will have the opportunity to play a Piano duet! Pairs of piano students will work with a piano coach on duets. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced music is available, and will be sent to the students in mid-May to allow time to prepare before the student arrives at GMSI. 

Second Suzuki Instrument Master Classes - Piano, Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello **
If you are studying a second Suzuki instrument at home, you can elect to have a mini-private lesson each day with two other students working at a similar level with one of our piano, flute, or strings faculty. 

Traditional Fiddling (Violin late Volume 1 and up), Pete Sutherland
Three levels of this class will be offered. Intro to Fiddling, for those eager violinists (Late Books 1 and Book 2) who haven't yet had much contact with 'fiddling' and fiddle tunes, this is a chance to welcome some fun, not difficult music into your lives and practice sessions! Intermediate Fiddling, for those (Books 2 and up) who have some fiddle tunes under their belt and are comfortable learning by ear, we'll get into some great American and Celtic repertoire perfect for playing at our GMSI contradance! Advanced Fiddle, for those who have quite a bit of fiddling experience (either at home or at GMSI) and are looking for some great tunes to challenge your fingers and your bows, including some Bluegrass and Cajun!

Viola for Violinists (book 3 and up)
This elective is designed for violin players in book 3 and up who are interested in acquiring the skills to play the viola. The class will include a study of alto clef along with tips and techniques in making the transition from violin to viola smoothly. A great way to increase a violinist's marketability!!

Beginning Viola for Violinists I is for violinists in Suzuki Volumes 3 and up who have never played viola. More Advanced Viola for Violinists II is for Violinists in Suzuki Volume 4 and up who have taken Beginning Viola. 

** Indicates additional fee.


NEW THIS YEAR: CAPOEIRA!!! More details coming soon!

Art (all ages), Alison Parsons
The art elective explores a variety of materials and subject matters presented to age appropriately grouped classes. Participant's drawings, paintings and prints reflect the beauty of music and the surrounding Vermont landscape. A wide variety of mediums are available including pencil, pastel, printmaking and watercolor. The class offers a relaxed, hands-on exploration of art techniques for all ages. 

Chorus (all ages), Holly Mugford
Fun singing all together, different styles, no experience necessary!

Composition (age 8 and up), Erik Nielsen
This class offers an opportunity to create music on your own, or in collaboration with other musicians. 

Yoga: Your Body is Your Instrument (all ages), Sheryl Kulrand-Platt
The word yoga means "union". Our understanding of the breadth and depth of yoga comes from our learning of how we can apply the practice to connect with everything and everyone around us. In a creative and lighthearted way, we will explore yoga through postures, partner yoga, breathwork, games and creative projects. There will be some discussion about how to use yoga for various aspects related to performance and practice of our instrument. This year we will focus especially on the essence of sound vibration in yoga and how it can change the way we percieve all of our interactions. Parents can take "Yoga for Adults", either restorative gentle yoga or a traditional Hatha yoga emphasizing breath and the flow of postures.


SIBLING PROGRAM (age 4 and up)
This program is designed for families who have children in the instrument program as well as children (age 4 and up) who aren't playing an instrument. The sibling day consists of 3 one-hour elective classes (see all descriptions above). They are scheduled for these classes with all other students in age-appropriate groups. Usually the Sibling Program students are among our youngest students, but we often have older siblings too!